the room also breathes
Sawtooth ARI 2019

Materials: dust and light. Vinyl letters.

The room also breathes is a subtle yet immersive installation that deconstructs processes of making and exhibiting an art work, incorporating a critique of medium, material and site.

The work plays with theatrics of silence, and the slow movement of things. The materiality of dust implies stagnation, but also movement. The installation is a staged moment, as common as a shaft of sunlight through a bedroom window, and as rare. The experience is personal and shared. Dust as a material is made from fine particles of matter; soil, meteorite particles, animal and human hair and skin, pollution, pollen and fibers. Transparent things, through which the past shines.
It is in the way the dust catches the light of the sun as it bleeds through the crack in the door. Or the other way around. Is that the light of the sun?

The room holds its breath.

Dust, once settled, is lifted from the floor by the soft impact of the first step over the threshold.

Dust that is made up of so many particles of skin, but also hair, pollen, soil, pollution and stardust.

Dust from the artist’s studio. From the gallery walls.

The room also breathes.