studio works
small things
                            one offs

              works in progress

Untitled (colouring in a piece of sandpaper so it doesn't look like it has been used), 2016, sandpaper and graphite

Photograph with fingerprint, 2016, landscape photograph with charcoal

One charcoal drawing, 2016, willow charcoal with tissue

Another charcoal drawing, 2016, willow charcoal with silver thread

From Hinsby, 2016, landscape photograph with sandcastle

Drawing from Cardiogram, 2014, collage with traced cardiogram

A drawing of an existential crisis, 2016, photocopied Sartre with stone

Untitled (snail's trail with watermark), 2015, detail, watermarked paper with snail’s trail

Portrait of a Reading, 2014, hand bound artist book with fingerprints